Two comprehensive certificate programs to help bookkeepers, accountants and all other stakeholders understand the Not-For-Profit (NFP) accounting and financial reporting rules unique to the U.S. NFP sector. In addition to covering financial related topics, both programs will cover other important NFP subject areas including formation, regulatory reporting, employment classification, NFP law and many more.

Certificate in Not-For-Profit Financial Management and Reporting

This one course program in Not-For-Profit Financial Management and Reporting will provide rigorous and in-depth training in NFP financial accounting and management concepts and principles, as well as the myriad of reporting requirements for individuals who work in or withNFP organizations. The program covers a wide range of NFP accounting, financial and regulatory concepts specific to the operations of NFP organizations: from learning unique terminology and how to apply for tax exemption to reading & understanding financialstatements and Form 990. This program is ideal for NFP management, Board members, accountants, lenders, vendors and all other stakeholders who have aninterest in understanding the financial operations and reporting requirements of NFP organizations.At the end of the program you will receive a certificate of completion.

Certificate in Advanced Not-For-Profit Accounting and Reporting

Not-For-Profit (NFP) Accounting & Reporting rules are very specific and different from for-profit accounting rules. Accounting for conditional and restricted contributions and government grants, contributions In-Kind (non-cash and donated services), Endowments. Special fundraising events, Fiscal Sponsorships vs. Fiscal Agents & Split Interest arrangements can be quite complicated and confusing for public charities and other Not-For-Profit organizations. This intensive five-week, unique course will do a deep-dive into the accounting and reporting of these and other complex areas (and will include many of new NFP Accountant Standards Updates (ASUs) issued by FASB. This course will be especially useful and beneficial to financial professionals who have to make judgment calls on how to treat complex transactions including: CFOs, Controllers, Accounting Managers & Supervisors, and those individuals that service NFP organizations such as outside Bookkeeping companies and CPAs.